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Importing products using CSV or Excel spreadsheets
Importing products using CSV or Excel spreadsheets
Learn how to import product catalog to Vendo account as a seller using CSV or Excel files.
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Brands using Shopify or WooCommerce can perform this from their eCommerce platforms, whereas brands without a dedicated eCommerce platform can import product catalogs using CSV files or Excel spreadsheets.

What is CSV File?

A CSV file - Comma Separated Values - is a plain text file that contains a list of data. In Vendo you can use CSV files to upload your brands product catalog.

In a CSV file, each entry represents a cell in a spreadsheet, each line represents a new row, and each comma(or semicolon) indicates where one entry ends and another one begins.

Vendo product import template has predefined header row which includes the titles of each column. comes with pre-defined header row, which guarantees that the imported product catalog data is structured & can be correctly processed in Vendo.

For example:

  • the entries in this example CSV file:

    • the header row starts with product-id & ends with status

    • first row starts therefore with 1 (product_id) and ends with active (product status)

  • once opened in Excel spreadsheet:

Vendo product import template has a predefined header row with the titles for each column. Adjust your brand product catalog data in the CSV file or Excel spreadsheet that you will import to Vendo, so it can be correctly processed.

Feel free to use our product import templates.

Create your shop

  1. Select Use CSV/XSLX import from the Connect your store section

  2. Verify the currency & country for your store in the Setup your Store popup

  3. Click Create your store

Import Products

  1. Go to the Products section, which is now unblocked

  2. Click the Import button to initiate products import

  3. Upload your file with products

  4. Confirm or change the headers selection & click Continue

  5. Review of each required column is matched correctly

  6. Add values to unmatched fields and click Continue

  7. Review your import data

  8. Click Save and finalize to proceed with import

  9. Import widget closes & seller lands on Import screen in Vendo account

  10. Wait for the import to finish, you should also receive an email notification when it happens

  11. You should now see products in the Products tab

  12. You can add additional information about your products here as well

CSV product import templates

You can download your brands product catalog from your online store as CSV file, adjust it in Notepad or Excel spreadsheets & upload it within minutes to your brand account on Vendo.

If your brand manages it's product catalog already in Excel spreadsheets, it's enough to adjust it as per Vendo import templates, export it as CSV and import it to your brands Vendo account.

It's essential that your product data is added in the respective columns defined in Vendo template in the header row.

Depending on your brands product catalog specification please use following templates:

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