Stripe onboarding
To start getting automated vendor payouts from the marketplace owner, sellers need to complete a Stripe Express onboarding process.
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To receive payouts, you need first to set up a Stripe account. This process is quick and easy and will take a few minutes tops!

1. Where to initiate Stripe onboarding?

Click the Connect Stripe button to start the process.

2. Start by inputting an email address and mobile phone number.

Remember to choose the correct country abbreviation. Input the information and click the Continue button to proceed.

3. SMS verification code

A verification code will be sent to the provided phone number. Enter the verification into the below boxes and click the Continue button to proceed. If no code was received, then there is an option to resend the code or go to back to change the phone number.

4. Tell us about your business

Select the type of business that applies to the seller's business type - Individual, Company, or Non-profit-organization. If you are not sure which option to select, please refer to this support article.

Selecting 'Company' will trigger another dropdown to appear. Please choose the structure of your business:

  • 'Sole proprietorship',

  • 'Single-member LLC',

  • 'Multi-member LLC',

  • 'Private Partnership',

  • 'Private Corporation',

  • 'Other/I’m not sure'.

If you're a public company, select "Other/I'm not sure" and refer to this support article for further details.

5. Tell us more about your business

Stripe then asks for additional information about the seller's company. This time, it is not in the form of drop-downs but short text input fields that require the legal business name, business address, industry, and website URL.

If the business does not have a website, a short description of the business or products can be added instead. In some countries, Stripe will also ask for information about company registration numbers, like EIN or ERN.

6. Add a bank account for payouts

Arguably the most critical part of the onboarding process is to input bank details for the account to be used for receiving payouts. Please provide adequate bank account or credit card information. Click Save to proceed to the final step.

7. Review

Last but not least, all of the provided information can be reviewed and edited. If everything checks out, finish the Stripe onboarding process by clicking the Submit button.

In a few moments, the stripe onboarding step will be marked as completed on the Vendo dashboard's Home page.

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