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How to connect Klaviyo to Vendo
How to connect Klaviyo to Vendo
Written by Klaudia Winiarska
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Vendo-powered marketplaces can easily connect to various apps directly from their admin dashboard. No code is required. Vendo integrations with Segment & Klaviyo, enable marketplace owners to get the right message to the correct audience with a few clicks only.

Segment is an analytics tool, which allows Vendo-powered marketplaces' to connect customer and order data - as well as data from other sources such as Stripe, Facebook Ads, and Zendesk - to a multitude of analytics, reporting, marketing automation, and data warehouse tools.

Klaviyo is a marketing automation tool, used by Vendo-powered marketplaces to:

  • build custom email lists for future marketing automation and upselling

  • run Campaigns

  • set up automated marketing Flows & Signup Forms

  • manage Lists & Segments

  • leverage robust email Analytics and SMS Conversations

In this article, we will present how Vendo-powered marketplaces prepare a setup for data-driven marketing automation using Segment & Klaviyo.

List of accounts needed to set up the integration

In order to configure a setup for data-driven marketing automation using Segment & Klaviyo on the Vendo platform, complete the following steps:

Please note! On the "Select your business platform" step in Klaviyo, it is essential to select I don't use any of these, in order to integrate the Klaviyo account with the Vendo platform.

List of steps on the Vendo platform required to activate Segment & Klaviyo integrations

Please Note! It is required to first connect Segment to the Vendo-powered marketplace in order to proceed with Klaviyo integration.

How to integrate Vendo with Klaviyo

In Klaviyo:

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo account.

  2. Navigate to Settings -> API Keys from the account dropdown in the bottom right corner.

  3. Generate a private API Key by clicking Create Private API Key.

  4. Copy the created API Key.

In Vendo:

  1. Log in to the Vendo marketplace account

  2. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations

  3. Click Connect Klaviyo & input required data

Please note! Once Klaviyo is connected, built-in customer emails such as order confirmation, order cancellation, reimbursement, and shipment are disabled.

4) Click Connect Klaviyo to open the integration settings. Once the page is loaded, provide all requested data. In case of doubt, support articles on how to find the keys are linked in the page.

5) Click Connect to save. Klaviyo should be marked as active.

How to integrate Vendo with Segment

Segment is a tool for aggregating user data from sources of your choice and sending them wherever you need to. Common use cases for it include marketing e-mails, analytics, advertising, and more. You can learn more about the tool here.

In this case, we will use Segment to collect event triggers when the customers will use the Vendo-powered marketplace. Those events range from viewing the product sites and adding items to the cart, to completing the checkout. Vendo also tracks post-purchase operations made by Sellers and Marketplace Operators like shipping products or cancelling orders.

Connecting Vendo-powered marketplace to Segment.

1) Access the Segment workspace, navigate to Sources, and click Add Source. It will open Catalog of different integration sources and destinations

2) In order to connect Vendo-powered marketplace, Javascript from Website Section must be selected. Click Add Source to confirm the selection.

3) Configure your source by giving it a name and URL. Labels are optional. In the URL field provide the marketplace URL. Click Add Source to proceed.

4) Source has been added. Now it's time to connect Segment to the marketplace.

From the source overview, navigate to Settings -> API Keys.

5) Copy the write key and move to admin dashboard on Vendo. Navigate to Integrations -> Analytics.

Click Connect Segment and paste the Segment's Write key. Click Connect to confirm.

It's done! Now the marketplace is connected to Segment.

How to integrate Klaviyo with Segment

The final step in the integration is connecting Segment to Klaviyo. As mentioned previously, Segment aggregates all events that happen in the marketplace and Klaviyo uses that aggregation data to create automated e-mails.

1) In your Segment workspace, navigate to Destinations and click Add Destination. As with Sources, it will open a Catalog of different integrations.

2) Type in 'klaviyo' in the search bar. Select Klaviyo destination; click configure Klaviyo to start setup.

3) A source has to be selected before configuring the destination. In this case, it will be the one created in the previous part.. Select the source and click Next.

4) Instance settings are next. Fill in the Destination name and leave 'Fill in settings manually' checked. Click Save to finish the setup.

5) It is time to perform a key exchange between Segment and Klaviyo. In Destinations, select your Klaviyo destination and go to Settings.

6) Fill in the API Key and Private Write key. They will be accessible under Settings -> API Keys in Klaviyo.

7) Move to Sources and choose the source linked to Klaviyo. Access the Settings -> API Keys and copy the Write Key

8) Now access the Klaviyo account and navigate to Integrations. Search for Segment in All Integrations. Click Add integration to proceed

9) Paste the Write Key copied from Segment and click Connect to Segment. The page will refresh and changes will be saved.


In order to set up Klaviyo integration, Vendo suggests using Segment as a data source aggregator. After setting up the connection, the integrations can now be fed with data. The following guides can be in use with further configuration:

  • How to setup Klaviyo by sending a test order

  • How to setup flows in Klaviyo and email templates

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