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Triggers used in Segment and Klaviyo integrations
Triggers used in Segment and Klaviyo integrations

This article will help to understand what customer and admin actions initiate the triggers intercepted by Segment and later sent to Klaviyo

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Checkout started

Triggered after customer clicks the "checkout" button. Perquisites are that the customer adds items to the cart first.

Checkout step viewed

Triggered after customer visits the checkout. There are three checkout steps in Vendo: address (1), shipping (2), and payment (3). The trigger contains information about which step was viewed.

Checkout step completed

Triggered after the customer clicks the "save and continue" button on one of the checkout steps. There are 3 checkout steps in Vendo: address (1), shipping (2), and payment (3). The trigger contains information about which step was completed.

Order cancelled

Triggered by the Vendor when the order is canceled. For Shopify and WooCommerce vendors, this action is done via Shopify or WooCommerce admin panels. The information gets transmitted to Vendo, and Vendo triggers the event. CSV Vendors can cancel orders via Vendo Dashboard.

Order completed

Triggered by completing the order when the status of the order is changed to completed. It is done when Stripe successfully captures the payment. The order was paid for in layman's terms.

Order shipped

Triggered by the Vendor who has shipped part of the suborder (Orders are being split by Vendors right after the order was completed). Complete shipments trigger the Order Fulfilled event. This is used if Vendor sends only some of the ordered products, for example, only two out five items of clothing. It can be used to create an email "Part of order XXX has been shipped"

Order fulfilled

Triggered by Vendors when all vendor items have been shipped to the customer. It could be one shipment of all products or the last shipment if Vendor has to ship in parts (see Order Shipped). This is limited to the Vendor suborder.

Order refunded

Right now triggered along Order Cancelled events.

Ordered product

An event created by Klaviyo, handled by them (Vendo does not have any power to change it), based on the information they get from the Order Completed event from Vendo. There is some information missing, like Order Number. Order Completed events from Vendo have more information. More on the topic:

Payment info entered

Triggered by the customer clicking the "Pay" button on the payment step of the checkout. This indicates that the payment intent has been sent to Stripe but does not equal successful payment capture. It can be used combined with missing Order Completed events to "catch" declined payment attempts.

Checkout Email Entered

Triggered by intercepting customer email on the checkout. It can be triggered in two ways. Firstly, when the guest user inputs the email on the first step of the checkout, and secondly, when logged in user enters the checkout. It can be user to create abandoned checkout emails.

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