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Managing returns by sellers
How to receive FedEx credentials for returns as a seller on a Vendo-powered marketplace
How to receive FedEx credentials for returns as a seller on a Vendo-powered marketplace

How to obtain a FedEx certification required for shipping label generation for automated self-service returns.

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For a seller to use their FedEx account to generate shipping labels for customers that want to return items, FedEx needs to grant that seller authorization to use a 3rd party application.

The application, in this case, is Postmen service by Aftership used via Vendo, as sellers approve the return authorization requests via the Vendo dashboard.

FedEx certification is needed to achieve the safe operation of applications in the FedEx production environment - it is a carrier requirement. The process is described in detail in this FedEx guide.

Let's review the steps needed to start generating FedEx shipping labels:

1. Register for test credentials

Log in to the FedEx Developer Resource Center at and register for FedEx test credentials (test account number, test meter number, test key, and test password). The password will be sent via a separate email.

2. Skip: Develop and test FedEx Web Services enabled application

Please skip this step.

3. Register for Move to Production

Register for FedEx production credentials (production meter number, production authentication key, and production password) at the FedEx Developer Resource Center. Some of the production information will be visible only on the FedEx Developer Resource Center.

4. Fill out the Label Cover Sheet

Fill out the Label Cover Sheet with appropriate contact information as well as which services you plan to implement. Include your account number and production key. The Label Cover Sheet should be sent to

5. Generate and submit test labels to the Label Analysis Group

Generate test labels within the FedEx test environment associated with the application and then submit the test labels to the FedEx label evaluation team(s) for approval. The Marketplace Owner and the Vendo team will be happy to assist in this step.

6. Label evaluation

Labels submitted in the previous step will be evaluated and will either be approved or rejected.

  • In the case of approval, you can proceed to the next step.

  • In the case of rejection, you must change the labels to meet the Bar Code Analysis group's instructions and resubmit the labels for approval.

7. Skip: Enable the application

Please skip this step.

8. Replace URL and credentials

Congrats! You're all done.

You can now use your production credentials in the returns carrier account!

9. Input the production credentials to Vendo as part of the seller onboarding process

We explain how to do it here.

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