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How to create and assign return policy to products in an admin dashboard?
How to create and assign return policy to products in an admin dashboard?
Written by Klaudia Winiarska
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Businesses might have completely opposite views on returns - from no returns to months, in which customers can return the items. To accommodate these approaches and plenty more in between, Vendo allows for creating multiple return policies, which can later be assigned to products. This article will present step-by-step how a Marketplace Owner can do it.

Creating return policy

1. Navigate to Settings -> Returns & Refunds.

Select the Return Policies tab.

Two return policies are created by default: Return in 30 days

and Non-returnable. The first one is assigned by default to physical products. Digital products in Vendo-powered marketplaces cannot be returned and they will contain such policy upon creation or import.

2. Click New Return Policy button to open a new edit page.





Name of the policy

Standard (14 days)


Information for customers, it will be visible on product pages

You can return the product within 14 days of delivery for a full refund.

Return Period

A value that determines for how many days can the customer return the product



Once ticked, marks the product with this policy as non-returnable



Once ticked, marks the policy as default for all newly created products


3. Fill in the fields with data. Click Create to save the changes.

New returns policy will appear on the list. If you wish to edit an existing policy, click the pencil icon.

Assigning return policy to a product

It can be done in two ways - individually or in bulk.

Individual method

1. Navigate to Catalog -> Products.

2. Click on a product name of your choice to open the edit page.

3. Scroll down to the Returns tab.

4. From the dropdown, select the policy which should be assigned to the product.

5. Click Update to save the changes.

'In bulk' method.

1. Navigate to Catalog -> Products.

2. Using tickboxes next to the products or the main one in the header column, select products.

3. Click the Bulk Actions button to expand the options list and choose set return policy.

4. Select the policy which should be assigned from the dropdown. Click Save changes to proceed.

5. The desired return policy will be assigned to the selected products.


As shown above, in Vendo-powered marketplaces there can be multiple return policies that apply to many different products and it all depends on the sellers' or marketplace owner's needs.

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