How to cancel an order?

Step-by-step guide how to perform order cancelation on Vendo-Powered marketplace.

Written by Klaudia Winiarska
Updated over a week ago

Depending on the type of seller product integration, different actions must be taken.


After canceling an order we will automatically refund the customer all of its funds!


Sellers on Shopify cannot cancel orders in the Vendo partner dashboard.

You need to use Shopify's dashboard. The order status will be reflected in the Vendo dashboard afterward.


Similarly to Shopify, you need to use the WooCommerce dashboard to cancel an order.

How to cancel an order in Vendo Dashboard

If you're not using Shopify or WooCommerce you need to use the Vendo dashboard to cancel an order.

1. In the Vendo dashboard, navigate to Orders

2. Select the order you wish to cancel.

3. In the order page, click on 3 dots in the top right corner and choose Cancel order.

4. Confirm your choice by clicking OK in the popup.

5. Observe that the order has been canceled, and its status has changed from Unfulfilled to Canceled. This is also a time when a refund is issued.

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