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How to place a customer return on Vendo-powered marketplace with Aftership integration
How to place a customer return on Vendo-powered marketplace with Aftership integration

How to return your items using My Account page

Written by Klaudia Winiarska
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Using Vendo's My Account page, customers can easily initiate the returns process, which will be described in a couple of simple steps below.

Customer return process

1. Access My Account on the marketplace by clicking a user Icon and selecting my account. If you're not logged in, provide your e-mail address and then paste the 6-digit code from the message sent to the e-mail.

2. On the My Account page, click on the order number from which you want to return the item(s).

3. On the Order details page, click Return or replace button next to an item you wish to return. You will be redirected to the returns page.

4. Using copy to clipboard, paste the order number and provide your e-mail. Click find your order to proceed.

5. On the returns page, select the item you want to return and provide the reason for the return. Click next to move to the next page.

6. Select the resolve option and later on the return method. As of now, Vendo supports only a refund to the original payment method. When it comes to the return methods, most often you will receive a return label to print and attach to the return package.

7. Summary page will show up, allowing you to verify all selected options. If everything is correct, click Submit.

8. Return has been placed. Now, the seller must approve your return. Once they accept the return you can go through steps 1-4 again to access the returns center and get the return label. Refunds are sent out after the seller receives the package with the returned item(s) and marks the return as processed in their Vendo account.

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