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How to generate a product performance report from Vendo dashboard?
How to generate a product performance report from Vendo dashboard?
Written by Klaudia Winiarska
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Data about product performance and sale volume is essential for Marketplace Owners and sellers on their platforms.

To gain that valuable information, Vendo is offering those users an option to generate a product performance report.

This article will show and describe this report and provide a step-by-step guide on how a Marketplace Owner and seller can generate the report.

What is a product performance report?

A product performance report is a detailed document composed of the product's specific information in a .csv file sent to the user by the Vendo platform at the user's request. The information included in the report are:

  • product id - identification number of the product exported from Vendo

  • product name - product name exported from Vendo

  • product vendor - the name of the seller with the product in their catalog

  • product brand - name of brands to which the product belongs to

  • rrp - the price at which the manufacturer suggests the retailers sell its product

  • weeks online - number of weeks since the product was added to Vendo

  • gross sales - total sales of all its products over a period of a specified time

  • discount - the amount of combined discounts buyers receive upon buying the product

  • tax - the amount of combined tax price (included in the product sales)

  • commissional total - the sum of the combined commission for the product sales

  • commission rate - rate (in %) of commission payment of the product

  • quantity - the combined number of sold product volumes

  • total sales - the total income for all units of product sold

The report is sent to the user via mail and contains products from the period of time specified by the user - more on how to set it up in the later part of the article.

How can the Marketplace Owner generate the product performance report?

1. Log into the Vendo Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Home page.

3. Specify the period from which you want the report. In order to do that, click the date above the Sales chart. The first date will determine the beginning of the date range, and the second will be the end date for the report. The days included are colored blue.
It is possible to use the shortcuts on the right-hand side of the date modal. They will help to mark six predefined date ranges (Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, and Last Month)

4. Scroll the Home page to the Top Products section and click on Show full report button at the end of the section.
Note: If the section did not appear under a sales chart, it means there were no products sold in the set period of time, and it will be impossible to generate a report.

5. On the newly arrived Products performance page, the time period for products can still be set or changed. In order to do that, click the date modal over the product performance list.
Note: the Products Performance Page contains a list of 100 top sellers (for a set range of time).

6. To generate the product performance report click the Export button in the upper-right corner. Notification about generating and sending a report will be shown in a form of a popup. It usually takes just a couple of minutes to receive an email, but it may vary depending on product list size and platform traffic.

7. Check the email for a new Vendo mail named Your products performance report for <Marketplace name> from <date and hour of report generation> is ready! The product performance report file is added as an attachment to the email.

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