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How to present partner's brands on marketplace storefront?
How to present partner's brands on marketplace storefront?
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In order to showcase partners as brands that your marketplace is selling on storefront you can decide to:

  • display brand on Brand A-Z page

  • display brand logo in Featured brands section on marketplace home page

Partner's product catalog can consist of own products or be a mix of own products and products of various brands.

Depending on your marketplace strategy you can decide to expose all of the brands which belong to the invited partner or assign all partner products & showcase them all under partner brand name.

Add brand media assets & public information

  1. Go to Products --> Brands

  2. Find Partner brand name on the list

  3. Click Edit button

  4. Add or change media assets & public information as per your preference

  5. Click Update to save changes

    Publish brand on your marketplace

  1. Go to Products --> Brands

  2. Find brand that you would like to publish

  3. Choose brand to publish, by checking the box next to Brand logo.

  4. Bulk edit menu will open on bottom of the page

  5. Click Publish

Once you publisje the brand it will be visible Brands A-Z page on your marketplace and you will be able to expose this brand's logo in additional sections e.g. in Featured Brands on marketplace home page.

Add brand logo to featured brands section on home page

Please note: Make sure that the brand which logo you would like to display has logo added in brand assets and is published

  1. Go to Storefront section

  2. Click on "..." and choose Edit action

  3. You will land in Vendo Page Builder

  4. In Page sections find Featured Brands section & click on it's name to edit it's details

  5. Click Add Link button

  6. Choose your brand names one by one, which logo's you would like to showcase in this section on storefront

  7. Click Publish button in the top right corner to save this storefront change.

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