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Connecting Shopify store
Connecting Shopify store

How to onboard a Shopify store to a marketplace, as another sales channel, and automatically sync products, inventory, orders, shipments.

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From a Shopify seller's perspective, a Vendo-powered marketplace is just another sales channel in their Shopify dashboard. Once the initial connection is established, everything happens automatically. No extra work!

Connect a Shopify store to a Vendo-powered marketplace in just a few simple steps using path #1 or #2 below. #3 describes what happens after the connection has been established.

Use Shopify's App Store to install the Vendo Connect app and join marketplaces on our seller network

Get connected with a couple of simple steps:

2) Click Install to install Vendo Connect on your store. You might be prompted to select the store you wish to install the app on.

3) Authorize Vendo Connect with the Install button. The page will reload.

4) Now that the Vendo sales channel has been installed, you can proceed to Vendo. Click Start Setup to proceed. The Vendo sign-up page will open.

5) Provide your full name and e-mail address and click Create Account.

6) You will be redirected back to your Shopify store. That's it! Your shop is now connected with Vendo!

Get an invite from the marketplace owner

Marketplaces can allow sellers to join exclusively by invitation. This part of the article describes steps to take once you receive such an invitation.

In the screenshots below, a seller called "Resin Art Next Door" is invited to a marketplace called "TheShed".

Once the invite is received, click on the link Start onboarding. A signup screen will appear.

If you already have an account with Vendo, please skip the entire signup process by clicking on the small link Sign in at the top right corner.

Otherwise, feel free to either:

  • Sign up using the Sign in with Google button.

  • Sign up manually by submitting a name and email address. This information is already pre-filled but do feel free to change it before clicking the button Create account.

If signing up manually, there will be an instruction to check the recipient's email inbox in order to verify the email address.

Please note:

In case, instead of clicking the Accept Invitation button from invitation email, you created account directly on Vendo Platform, the verification email will still be sent & it will be possible to complete the activation process as a seller.

Verify your email

If signing up manually, please check the recipient's email inbox, and once the message is received, click on the Verify email button.

On the next screen, You will see your Vendo dashboard's Getting Started page. First, select the Connect your Shop option. Click on the Shopify logo.

Provide your Shopify URL ( and click install app.

You will be redirected to your Shopify store and see a page with a request to add Vendo Connect to your store. click the Install button to proceed.

The page will reload, and you will see a get started page.

You will see an overview of the sales channel. It contains information about product sync status and your partnerships.

The connection process has been finished now. You can now proceed with further Vendo setup.

Actions to take after the connection has been established

Vendo will automatically sync all data that is necessary to start selling on Vendo-powered marketplaces:

  • product data:

    • variants

    • prices

    • options

    • images

    • stock

    • SKU

    • images

  • Store information:

    • address for returns (store location set in Shopify will be used)

    • refund policy

  • Categories

Vendo will auto-match the Shopify products with the Vendo-powered marketplace by:

  • The Shopify product Type of the lowest level eg. Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Pants

  • The Shopify Collection name that the product belongs to

Given the above, it may be wise to:

  • Assign products to be sold on a Vendo-powered marketplace to a sales channel called Vendo Connect

    • It's easier to manage these products in bulk if they are added to a separate Collection

    • The other benefit of a separate Collection approach is that different shipping pricing may be set for these products as agreed with the marketplace owner

  • Check if these products are assigned to the appropriate product Type or Collection name to support auto-matching and saving some manual work in the Category Mapper tool (see below).

After selecting the Shopify products for Vendo sync, please give it around 30 minutes (a small number of products may take a minute or two). Then, check the products Vendo. in the Vendo Dashboard's Homepage, click Manage products on the right to see whether all products have been imported.

If you accepted the partnership and were approved in the marketplace, next to each product, there will be status Available.

How it all works from now on

From now on, the product catalog, inventory levels, prices, shipping, tax, or any other changes will be automatically reflected on the Vendo-powered marketplace.

The products will be sold on the Vendo-powered marketplace with the latest pricing, descriptions, photos, shipping costs, and so on.

All the orders containing a Shopify seller's products will be synced back from the Vendo-powered marketplace to that Shopify store dashboard.

Unless there's some particular marketing campaign coordinated with the marketplace owner or a custom change to your shipping pricing, there's no need to visit the Vendo-powered marketplace dashboard.

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