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How to ship orders as a Shopify vendor?
How to ship orders as a Shopify vendor?

Fulfill orders as a Shopify vendor selling products on Vendo powered marketplace & get paid.

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  1. Log in to your Shopify store.

  2. Access the order page on Shopify.

  3. Click Fulfill item.

  4. Select items to fulfill and provide tracking details: tracking number and the shipping carrier.

  5. Click fulfill item again to save progress.

  6. Order will now be marked as fulfilled both in Shopify and in Vendo.

Adding shipping details is essential for receiving funds, as orders without tracking details will not be flagged as fulfilled in Vendo.

It is possible to fulfill orders via Vendo Dashboard. However, fulfilling an order via Vendo Dashboard will not be reflected in the Shopify dashboard. In the integration's dashboard, said order will have the status Unfulfilled and no tracking details. As a Shopify vendors you should always fulfill orders using Shopify UI.

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