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Managing which products from your Shopify store to list on Vendo
Managing which products from your Shopify store to list on Vendo

How to manage Shopify products to be sold on a Vendo-powered marketplace

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By default, Vendo will import all your products from your Shopify store. If you would like to limit that selection, you can do it quickly inside your Shopify dashboard.

Step 1: Manage product availability

In the Shopify store admin dashboard, click Vendo Connect in the Sales channels section.

In the example below, there are 17 products currently available on Vendo Connect and ready to be sold on Vendo-powered marketplaces.

Click the Manage availability link.

Step 2: Select products made available to Vendo Connect

Check or uncheck the boxes in the Vendo Connect column to make products available or unavailable to be sold on Vendo-powered marketplaces.

In the example below, the top product, Black Gym Pants, has been unchecked. Click the green Save button to proceed.

Step 3: Review product availability in Shopify

Since three products have been unavailable for the Vendo Connect sales channel, the Vendo Connect overview screen will now show only 14 products instead of 17.

Step 4: Review product availability in Vendo

This change will automatically be reflected in the Vendo dashboard. Black Gym Pants have been removed from the list of products available to be sold.

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