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How to add a 3rd party domain to your Vendo site
How to add a 3rd party domain to your Vendo site

How to add a custom domain to your store or marketplace on Vendo

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One of the key characteristics of Vendo-powered marketplaces is their customizability. One of the many features of Vendo is the ability to use a custom domain for your marketplace.

Steps to connect a custom domain to from admin dashboard:

Purchase your custom domain (if needed)

Purchase your domain name from a domain registrar.

Add the domain to the Vendo admin dashboard

Vendo uses Entri for easy and quick integration of custom domains.

  1. Log into your Vendo account and navigate to Settings -> Domains

  2. Click Setup Domain to start setup.

3. In the popup, provide your domain or subdomain and click Proceed.

4. Entri modal will appear. Select Continue.

5. Entri will begin analyzing your domain. Once everything goes well, you will see a modal like this:

6. The modal will reload. In this example, you can see a flow to add a subdomain. Entri requests to add a CNAME record to DNS records of your domain.

Follow the instructions. You can simply copy the values using Copy buttons.

Once you are finished, tick the I have added the records above to my domain tickbox and click Continue.

7. The modal will display a summary message. Click Done to finish the setup.

8. The domain should appear in the custom domains list.

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