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How to invite brands and suppliers
How to invite brands and suppliers

Learn how to invite suppliers to sell on your marketplace.

Written by Klaudia Winiarska
Updated over a week ago

Inviting brands to your marketplace is a fast and easy process, which allows you to increase the marketplace's offer in no time.

Depending on whether you are just setting up your marketplace or it's already live, there are two ways to send an invitation to a brand directly from the marketplace dashboard. Additionally, you or your marketplace team can always resend the invite or share an invitation link via other communication tools.

Invite brands via the Getting Started page.

  1. Go to Getting Started section in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Add Products section. It will expand.

  3. Click Invite Partner button.

  4. An Invite Partner popup will appear.

  5. Fill in and adjust the following fields with the correct data
    Company or brand name
    Please make sure to add the correct name of the brand.
    Contact person name
    It's optional, but adding a name to an email makes it always more personal.
    Email address to which the invitation will be sent. Once the brand accepts your invitation, an account in Vendo will be created with this email. It will be also visible as a main contact email in the brand profile on the marketplace dashboard.
    This is the text that will be sent to an invited brand via email. You can send the 'ready-to=-use' Vendo invitation text or customize the invitation message per your preferences.
    Commission Rate
    This is the proposed percentage of the invited brand sales, which your marketplace receives as a commission. By default it is set to 20% - feel free to adjust it.

  6. Send the invitation by clicking the Invite button.

  7. Close the Invite Partner confirmation popup.

  8. The brand receives the invitation & is able to join the marketplace.

  9. Invited brands are listed in the Partners section with status set to Invited.

Inviting brands via the Partners page.

  1. Go to the Partners section by clicking Partners in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click Invite Partner button

  3. An Invite Partner popup will appear.

Resending invitation to the brand

  1. Go to the Partner section.

  2. Click on the brand name to which you want to resend the invitation.

  3. A details page of this brand will open

  4. Click '...' in the top right corner, next to Edit button

  5. Click Resend Invitation if you would like to send an email

Please note:
It is also possible to copy & share the invitation link in case the invited brand does has issues with their email address. To do that please click Copy Invitation link from the share just the invitation link with the brand. Please remember that any person that clicks on this link will be able to accept the invitation and join this brand in your marketplace, so share it carefully.

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