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How to onboard to a marketplace as a vendor?
How to onboard to a marketplace as a vendor?
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If you have been invited to start selling on a marketplace which is using Vendo, please follow this guide to create & complete setup of a vendor account.

Create vendor account on Vendo

  1. Find invitation from the marketplace in your inbox

  2. Click Accept Invitation button

  3. Create your vendor account.

  4. Go to your Inbox to verify your email address.

Review your partnership proposal

Once your vendor account is created, you can review the details of the Partnership proposal. Partnership status is set to Invited & it will only change if you complete your vendor account setup.

Complete setup

  1. Click Complete setup in the Partnership screen or choose Getting started section from the left side menu

  2. Getting started section will be present as long as you have any outstanding onboarding steps to complete.

Connect your store to Vendo

Vendo supports following e-commerce platforms:

Add billing address

If your billing address is defined in your existing e-commerce platform it will be automatically filled out.

If any details are missing, you can add billing details manually.

Connect your bank account to Stripe

Even if you are already using Stripe for your store, this step creates a Stripe Connect account which is essential for payouts to your bank account for your products that have been sold on the marketplace.

Add returns address

If your return address is defined in your existing e-commerce platform it will be automatically filled out.

If any details are missing, you can add or edit returns address manually from Settings --> Shop details.

Add returns policy

If your return & shipping policy is defined in your existing e-commerce platform it will be automatically filled out.

If any details are missing, you can add return policy manually.

Additionally you are able to edit your return & shipping policy from Settings --> Shop details

Assign return rules to all your products

Each vendor account is created with predefined return rules

  • 14 days

  • 30 days

  • 60 days

  • 90 days

  • Non-returnable

Depending on your Return policy details & preferences, you can:

  • choose one of those return rules to apply to all of your products by going to Settings --> Store

  • assign one of those rules to chosen products

  • create additional return rules & assign it as a default policy for all your products or as a specific return rule for chosen products

Read this article to learn how to do it step by step.

Set products as ready for review

Choose which products you would like to list on the marketplace & set them as ready for review.

Complete additional product setup

Assign size chart to your products

You can upload your size chart as an image or create it from scratch, assigning it to products tags or categories. This article will guide you how to do it step by step.

Review & edit your branding

You can edit your branding in Settings --> Brand yourself or leave it for the marketplace merchandising team.

Accept partnership

Once your account setup is completed, you will be able to accept the Partnership proposal.

Please note: This step is essential for the marketplace to be able to review & activate your products.

Once you accept the partnership, it's status will change to Ready for Review. Marketplace will receive a notification that your onboarding is completed & will be able to review & approve you as a partner.

Please allow marketplace 1-2 days to review your products.

Complete additional onboarding steps required by the marketplace

Set up Shipping methods

Marketplace may require that vendors add shipping methods manually to complete onboarding process. In that case, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Set shipping methods button

  2. Add shipping methods that you offer as a vendor, based on the agreement that you have with your shipping carrier. You can define 1 or more shipping methods.

    1. Name of the shipping method

    2. Choose one or more Zones to which this shipping method applies

    3. Choose Calculator type & add the amount for this shipping method, that will should be added to the order - follow this support article for more details on Calculators in Shipping methods

    4. Add - if available Estimated Transit Business Days

Your onboarding is completed

Once you have been approved, you will receive an email notification. The status of your partnership will change to Approved.

Preview products listed on the marketplace

In your Partnership you will see the amount of your products which are set on the marketplace as live and can be purchased by marketplace visitors.

Live products will also have status Listed on Product list in your Vendo dashboard. Product which are not active on marketplace will have Unlisted status

By clicking the listed product you will be able to see how it looks on the marketplace.

From now on you will be able to receive orders for those products & receive payouts to your bank account for fulfilled orders, as per your partnership terms & conditions.

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