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How to configure AfterShips Returns Center to enable customer returns with automatically generated shipping labels.
How to configure AfterShips Returns Center to enable customer returns with automatically generated shipping labels.
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Every marketplace owner wishes for a seamless and user-friendly return process for its visitors. One important element of this is time. The less time a customer needs to spend to return an item the sooner and more eager they will be to come back and place orders in the future.

Vendo has a dedicated integration with AfterShip Returns Center and recommends setting up routing rules to allow marketplace customers to ship the items back with a label that they can download from an email once a return is approved by a seller.

This article details how to configure routing rules in the Returns Center to enable it:

  1. Navigate to Return routing rules

  2. Click Show Details in Default return zone

  3. Click Add Routing Rule

  4. Set up a routing rule for each seller according to the steps in the checklist below.

    Please note! Remember to click the Save button once you've made changes for each seller.

field name

to do


Rule name

Name the rule with the vendor's name that you see on the Partner list and on the Partner Profile Page.

Vendor name: CSV Vendor


Choose Order tag & add the seller's name as a tag.

Return shipping methods

Choose "Ship with a return label"

Return shipping method name & description

Customize, this will be visible to the visitors

Cost of returns

Set the shipping and handling fee for this return method.

Return instructions

Customize these instructions. You can add the warehouse location of each seller if you want or any other information that may be helpful to the customer.
Please note: The return address will be generated on the return label if the seller entered it in their account in the Vendo partner portal.

Postmen labels

This is not needed.

The steps below will enable marketplace customers to easily ship back items to the correct return address with a return label that will be automatically generated and sent when a return request is approved.

Example of a return label that is sent to the customer

The return label is generated with the following data:

  • The customer address from the order

  • The seller's return address that the seller added to their Vendo partner profile

  • The carrier name and the carrier service chosen by the seller during the return approval process

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