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How to enable self-service returns & returns portal for customers?
How to enable self-service returns & returns portal for customers?
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You can connect your Vendo site to AfterShip Returns Center to automate returns. This article outlines how to set it up step by step:

Create AfterShip account

  1. Book Plans in AfterShip account:

    1. Aftership - Premium Plan

    2. Returns Center - Premium Plan

    3. Postmen - Pro Plan

  2. Request for a webhook registration at in order to obtain returns webhook secret credentials.

Connect AfterShip to Vendo-powered marketplace

  1. Navigate to Integrations > Shipping

  2. Click the Connect AfterShip button

  3. Enter requested credentials

    • API Key from AfterShip

    • Tracking page URL

    • Returns portal URL

    • Returns webhook secret

    • Returns package size dimensions

      Please note! It is essential to add returns package size during this step and make sure that each seller added their returns address, in order to generate shipping labels for returns.

  4. Click the Connect button

Once the AfterShip Returns Center connection with the Vendo platform is active, each seller's onboarding steps will be expanded by 2 additional steps that are required for each seller to process (e.g., approve or reject) order returns.

Configure Returns Center in AfterShip

It is essential to adjust the AfterShip Returns Center to the marketplace's returns policy in order to correctly process returns and be able to offer your visitors a seamless experience when they need to return an order.

  1. Connect Store

    1. This step will be complete once the admin connects AfterShip to the Vendo-powered marketplace as described here

  2. Customize and adjust the Returns page
    In this step, the marketplace admin can adjust the appearance of the returns page on the marketplace. Additionally, it is possible to set up a custom domain for your marketplace returns page.

    1. Go to the Returns Page

    2. Scroll down to Embedded returns page

    3. Click Add domain to allowlist

    4. Add the marketplace domain in the pop-up

    1. Set up Returns Resolutions based on the marketplace's returns policy

    2. Review and adjust the default Return Reason library

  3. Set up eligibility rules for the marketplace's Returns Centers

  4. Add a routing rule for each seller
    To set options for marketplace customers to return items, it is essential to define routing rules, e.g., to allow marketplace customers to ship items back with an shipping label provided by a marketplace. Vendo recommends defining routing rules for each seller.

    This setup will automatically generate shipping labels for all returns approved by sellers.

    A buyer whose returns request was approved will:

    • Receive an email with:

      • Simple instructions on how to return items

      • A link to download a shipping label for the return

  5. Please follow this link for a detailed guide on routing rule configuration to be able to automatically generate labels for approved returns.

  6. Adjust Sender Info in Email Notifications

  7. Choose which Email Notification will be sent to customers.

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